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Disasters can damage your home, but so can time. Make sure your home is covered when you need it the most.


Responsible or not, car accidents can take a toll on your finances, but so can your deductibles and payments. Keep them low with Old Bay.


Life insurance protects the ones you leave behind, so gain peace of mind from preparing in advance.


All business owners
take risks but smart business owners safegaurd their business for the unexpected.

"From Steamed Crabs to Homeowners Insurance,
We've Got You Covered."

Your Designated Insurance Agents

Question: When it comes to a decision, would you rather have one option or an array of options to choose from? The answer is obvious; people love choices. Many people don’t apply this concept to insurance, because insurance is insurance, right? Not entirely. You can choose to get auto insurance from a large insurance provider – we’ve all seen their commercials on TV. Or, if you love choices you can go through Old Bay because we’re an insurance broker.

In short, an insurance broker is, “a person who sells, solicits, or negotiates multiple insurance carriers for the consumer”. So why go through just one, when we actually shop around for you to get the best deal. That’s the added benefit of choosing an insurance broker because it’s going to mean better coverage, more benefits, and typically lower premiums than you can find with just one large insurance company.

So, when it comes to auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and business insurance – trust us; our success is measured by your satisfaction.